Leading Facilities for
Greater Outcomes

We take pride in providing environments that support improving the outcomes of the people in our care. We have successfully and continually managed our Fulham and Junee facilities for decades.

While always delivering results, our most recent centre – our flagship – is the Ravenhall Correctional Centre.

This state-of-the-art purpose-built facility further transforms lives and incorporates our revered GEO Continuum of Care® Model for prisoner rehabilitation and reintegration.

This model incorporates safe, engaging spaces dedicated to cultural growth, skills development and community accommodation environments that help prisoners make the transition from a corrections environment to the community.

Fulham Correctional Centre

Fulham Correctional Centre, located in Sale, is Victoria’s largest regional correctional centre.

First opened in 1997, Fulham delivers its 845 sentenced and unsentenced adult male prisoners education and vocational training to support future employment, reintegration support and faith and cultural programs.

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Junee Correctional Centre

Junee Correctional Centre is one of New South Wales’s largest correctional centres.

The centre hosts a diverse mix of prisoners including sentenced and unsentenced prisoners and delivers a series of education, training and work experience programs as defined in prisoners’ individual case or sentence plans.

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Ravenhall Correctional Centre

Ravenhall Correctional Centre is Victoria’s largest correctional centre and is a positive model for rehabilitation and reintegration focused centres of the future with unprecedented levels of pre- and post-release support to prisoners.

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The Bridge Centre - Reintegration Centre

The Bridge Centre is a support facility that offers men the opportunity to continue their rehabilitation journey outside of prison with the support of a team of specialist post-release case-managers and community partners. It’s the first facility of its kind in Australia.

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