Continuum of Care ®

GEO Australia provides a wide variety of support and learning opportunities to prisoners to help them grow during their sentence and give them the tools to allow them to succeed when they re-enter their communities.

Through our Continuum of Care model we contribute to Better Corrections and Safer Communities.

Continuum of Care Annual Report 2019

Our Rehabilitation
and Reintegration

Positively transforming lives and contributing to safer communities is everyone’s responsibility at a GEO Australia Centre. Through integrated case-management practices, programs that address key determinants of criminal behaviour, quality education and training, meaningful employment opportunities and through-the-gate reintegration services, we reduce recidivism rates and improve reintegration outcomes for those in our custody.

As Australia’s longest running private correctional service provider, we are proud to deliver leading experience, ample resources and a proven track record for successful outcomes for our partners, consumers and communities.

“How can we best rehabilitate
prisoners so that they become
positive and productive members
of the community?”

GEO Australia has spent many years developing and finessing a model that focuses on the reintegration of prisoners into society.

This innovative model incorporates in-prison programs and services integrated with continued post-release support to meet the individual needs of prisoners. All our staff play a vital role in transforming the lives of prisoners and improving the safety and the quality of life for our communities.


We always act with integrity in everything we do – as individuals, in our centres and as a company.


We treat everyone with respect. We work in collaboration and respect everyone’s opinion.


We are accountable for our actions. We deliver what we promise.


We respond to the needs of our clients, prisoners and communities.


We continuously review to improve outcomes for our clients, employees and the people in our care, now and into the future.

Our Facts

How we reduce re-offending

Education programs are an important element of GEO’s approach to rehabilitation. We pride ourselves on the efforts we go to to help prisoners address their issues and improve their opportunities on release. Annually on average more than 17,000 prisoners and ex-prisoners complete education, training or offending behavior programs at a GEO Australia Centre.

On any given day, 75% of prisoners are engaged in employment, education, vocational training or programs.

How we re-integrate prisoners

Entering the community after a period of incarceration can be a very difficult transition. To help facilitate this transition, GEO has established an ongoing support model called Continuum of Care. This is well demonstrated in our Melbourne facility where we support former prisoners to reintegrate into their community and go on to make a positive contribution to society.

Since opening in November 2017, over 500 men have voluntarily attended the Bridge Centre for post-release support.

How we serve the community

GEO’s correctional centres provide a diverse range of support to the community, including thousands of hours of community service with the undertaking of maintenance and improvements to local grounds and infrastructure. We have a strong record of providing financial support by way of sponsorships, donations, scholarships and a commitment to ‘buying locally’ wherever possible.

In one centre alone, 13,000 hours of community service is completed each year.

How we partner

GEO has worked hard to develop strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with a large number of community and education partners. These allow our prisoners access to exemplary education and training opportunities to improve their rehabilitation outcomes. These can often coincide with the goals of charity groups seeking to deliver services that benefit the community at large.

GEO is committed to be a leading partner and contributor to community groups and charity organisations.