Our Values

As Australia’s largest provider of private correctional services, our focus is on rehabilitating prisoners and giving them the support and growth to become positive and productive contributors to our society.

Our staff and leadership team are focused upon implementation of best-practice services and continuous improvement activities in order to enhance outcomes for people in our care so they may have the safety, support and strategies to help them succeed when they re-enter the community.

When we focus on delivering ‘better corrections’ we will contribute to ‘safer communities’.


We always act with integrity in everything we do – as individuals, in our centres and as a company.


We treat everyone with respect. We work in collaboration and respect everyone’s opinion.


We are accountable for our actions. We deliver what we promise.


We respond to the needs of our clients, prisoners and communities.


We continuously review to improve outcomes for our clients, employees and the people in our care, now and into the future.

“Proudly delivering quality corrections facilities across Australia for more than three decades.”

Our Whistleblower Policy

GEO’s Whistleblower Policy details how individuals can disclose wrongdoing, such as fraud, corruption and other serious misconduct. The policy covers who and which matters the policy applies to, as well as whistleblower protections and the investigative process.

Our History

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  • First Australian contract awarded

    ACM wins its first tender for the management of correctional facilities in Australia with the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, in Queensland.

  • Second Australian Contract Awarded

    ACM is awarded the PPP contract to design, build and operate the Junee Correctional Centre for the New South Wales Department of Corrective Services.

  • Operations Commence

    Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre becomes ACM’s first operational facility in June.

  • Operations Expand

    Junee Correctional Centre begins operations on schedule and on budget on 19 March, becoming the first privately-managed correctional facility in New South Wales.

  • Further Contract Awards

    ACM is selected to design, build, finance and manage the Fulham Correctional Centre in Victoria – ACM’s second PPP contract.

  • Operations Extend to Three States

    Fulham Correctional Centre opens on schedule and on budget on 7 April.

  • Correctional Healthcare Expansion

    On 1 January Pacific Shores Healthcare, an ACM business, assumes responsibility for delivery of health services at nine Victorian public prisons.

  • Police Custody Services

    Melbourne Custody Centre comes under ACM management in March 1999, under contract to the Victoria Police.

  • The GEO Group Australia established

    On 15 January ACM changes its name to The GEO Group Australia Pty Ltd following a management buyout deal of its parent company.

  • Environmental Management

    Junee Correctional Centre becomes the first prison in Australia to gain ISO 14001 for its environmental management systems. Fulham Correctional Centre and Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre secure this accreditation later the same year.

  • Privatisation Leadership

    In September GEO is selected to operate the Parklea Correctional Centre in Western Sydney, marking the first transition of a fully operational publicly-managed correctional facility to private management in Australia. GEO commences operations just 30 days later.

  • Training Excellence

    Fulham Correctional Centre is named Victoria’s most outstanding employer, receiving the Victorian Employer of the Year award for its development and delivery of world-class correctional practice training.

  • Parent Company Restructure

    GEO’s parent company, The GEO Group, Inc. restructures as a Real Estate Investment Trust; as a result GEO divests from its Pacific Shores Healthcare business.

  • Better Corrections, Safer Communities

    GEO commits to a new mission – Better Corrections, Safer Communities – combining the twin goals of operational excellence and correctional innovation

  • Next Generation Corrections

    GEO is awarded its third PPP contract to finance, design, build, maintain and operate the Ravenhall Correctional Centre in Melbourne. GEO’s solution heralds a step-change in Australian corrections with unprecedented levels of pre- and post-release support and innovative rehabilitation and reintegration services. Ravenhall Correctional Centre is designed from the ground up to deliver the GEO Continuum of Care.

  • Fifth Operational Start

    Ravenhall Correctional Centre opens, on schedule and on budget in October.

  • Centre Moves to Public Management

    After more than 28 years, Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre transitioned its services to Queensland Corrective Services.

ISO Certificates

Reliability and agility are key to why our partners choose our services. GEO Australia’s unrivalled experience, resources and proven capabilities mean we have the flexibility to quickly respond to each of our partner’s specific needs.

Collaboration is imperative and the foundation for the shared vision to achieve greater outcomes for successful rehabilitation of prisoners and for their rehabilitation into society. Together, we are improving the lives of others.

Our Partners

We collaborate with a number of highly reputable partners in order to improve GEO Australia’s rehabilitation outcomes and the reintegration of our prisoners into society.