Managing the risk of Coronavirus in our Correctional Centres

Mar 20, 2020 | Latest News

All GEO Australia Centres implement a high standard of health and safety measures to minimise the risk of and to control infectious and communicable diseases.

Now, with the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, GEO Australia has mandated that all of its Centres scale-up these measures to minimise any risk to the health and wellbeing of all stakeholders – employees, suppliers, prisoners and local communities.

Centres are also following the health advice mandated by each state jurisdiction.


Strict screening procedures for staff, contractors, prisoners and any visitors to the Centre (where visits are still permitted).

All staff, contractors, prisoners and visitors are being screened to identify those who’ve been overseas or had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the past 14 days.

It is recommended any attendance by external visitors to a GEO Correctional Centre is for essential purposes only to maintain a high standard of infection prevention.


Communications, education and training for employees and prisoners regarding personal hygiene protocols are in place which includes hand washing and the use of PPE.


Employees and prisoners have been advised to seek assistance if they are feeling unwell. This is critical if a person presents with COVID-19 symptoms.

External visitors

Some jurisdictions have mandated a temporary suspension of prisoner visits. Please check the relevant website for your state’s advice on COVID-19.